Norteño and Tejano

Tu Abandono - Francisco Javier Gonzalez & Jose Zuniga
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Lupe Se LLama - Francisco Javier Gonzalez & Jose Zuniga
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El Rebelde - Jose Luis Lepe
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Say you have a scene set on a South Texas ranch and you need the right music.

Should you use Norteno or Tejano music—and what’s the difference?

If it takes place in a traditional, rural, or even period Mexican setting, a Norteño song will be the way to go. While Norteño, Tejano or Tex-Mex styles are all driven by accordion and vocals, the Norteño sound will express a more raw, grassroots feel.

On the other hand, the Tejano or Tex-Mex style, with its fusion Pop sound, will feel more contemporary. This is due to its up-to-date instrumentation, like electric guitars, full drum set, sax, synthesizer sounds, and today’s Pop chord progressions—a clear choice but each flowing from a rich, northern Mexican creative heritage.

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