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“You are dust and to dust you shall return.” That is the birth of Polvo Norteño (Northern Dust), the most versatile norteño group to come out of Oxnard, California. The group consists of seven members: Juan Jose Balderas Muños, Francisco Jose Gonzales, Hugo Sanchez, Sergio Virrueta Tony Zuñiga, Nayarit Juan Manuel Vera, and Antonio Tostado.

The great dynamic that exists between the group members, from the most experienced Francisco Jose Gonzales who has a music career spanning 25 years, to the youngest "vato" in the group, is due to the fact that each member adds in their own grain of (in this case) dust toward one purpose: To spread their rhythmic flavor and make the whole world dance.


Polvo Norteño lists amongst its influences in the quality of artists and groups such as Julio Preciado, La Sonora Dinamita, Los Terrícolas, Bronco, Pasteles Verdes, Ángeles Negros. This is El Polvo Norteño

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