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AZUCAR is a multi-talented actor and Rap artist born in Caracas, Venezuela.

He has appeared in numerous films and television series such as; Mohamed Ali, Hackers, Razorfish, Die Hard, Cradle to the Grave, El Zorro, Little Mermaid, Celina, Beverly Hills 90210 and America's Most Wanted.

He has also participated in Fortune 500 commercial spots such as Carl's Junior, Burger King, Coors Light, Budweiser, Miller Genuine Draft, and with his low-riding homies and ladies out to beep and bop, hip and hop.


Experiencing the CD by LMS Records, “New Latino Generation,” is like sitting on the house porch of any U.S. city barrio and having your brain tasered with its contagious Latin Urban wailing. The strong presence of sound, smell, color and flavor of “el barrio” invades our six senses (yes, 6), and provides the listener with its very own virtual, inner blending machine.

Once more, the INDART music engine assembly reveals the reason why Hollywood has chosen LMS Records to participate in many of its Academy winning films.”

K9 Rostrum, featured artist AZUCAR MC/LMS RECORDS, have mixed records for a host of artist including Alex Syntek, La Ley, Marta Sanchez, Claudio Yarto (Calo), MC Skee, Chulito, Charo, QuePasa, Fernando Carrillo, Chichi Peralta, and Latin Froz among many others.

Azucar has that platinum touch with the aforementioned celebrities who have achieved Platinum status as well as Latin Grammy award wins and nominations. He pioneered the art of Re-Mixing and inspired others to strive in their own musical journey as one of the "Sickest" Best Re-mixers and producers today.

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