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The charismatic artist, born in Caracas, Venezuela and formerly of the group Calle Ciega, returns to the scene as a solo artist. Ehi Ehi is his first single, exposing heavy influences of warm caribbean genres such as Dancehall. Catchy and sensual rhythms characterize his new album entitled Activao! (Activated)

It is in 1998 in the venezuelan capital that EB Black exploded all over the music wires. The first album “Caliente”, inspired by anglo groups appeared on the local scene with an original style, mixing tropical and urban rhythms ranging from merenhouse to latin rap.


EB Black has recently had the chance to collaborate in helping earthquake victims of Haiti, with the  creation of a cd entitled “Canciones para Haiti”, created by the paper “El Periodico de Catalunya” and sponsored by football star Lionel Messi. EB Black’s first single Hei Hei was part of the musical repertoire, together with other international artists.

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