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At 16 Nestor put into practice his musical abilities by joining the sextet Poder Y Fe.

Two weeks later he was called as lead singer for the orchestra Son de San Juan.

A short time later, Nestor met Wilmer Cobos, a successful singer for Nati Martinez who introduced him to the great Banda Cream Orchestra, directed by Percussionist and Maestro Wilians Ugarte, now director of Nestor’s orchestra.


Upon the dissolution of Banda Cream Orchestra, Nestor joined Jimmy D’Leon, son of illustrious salsa leader Oscar D’Leon, to sing with the Orchestra of Starling Garcias.


Following this, Nestor joined the Orchestra of Maestro Jesus Torres (Mandinga), together with Wilmer Cobos and Alcides Urbina.

“I have also had the great satisfaction,” Nestor comments, “of playing drums with the Gran Combo de Venezuela, together with the late great “son” player Leo Pacheco, and the great “son” player known as Don Wicho.”


Nestor was also lead singer for Orchestra La Oportunidad.

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