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DANIEL INDART PROJECT - Chilling In The Tropics

Cuban-Voices-CD Baby_Cover.jpg
Cota Mil by Daniel Indart
00:00 / 04:06
Milongas y Bandoneón by Mun2Rituales
00:00 / 03:20
Uru by TropiLounge
00:00 / 03:11
Nada Yo Temo (Ohm Song) by Daniel Indart Feat. Luna Rosa and Ranjan Dutt
00:00 / 05:28
Confía En Mi by Daniel Indart
00:00 / 03:34
El Tango Se Baila Así by Mun2Rituales
00:00 / 04:34
Eres Mi Verano by Daniel Indart Feat. Luna Rosa
00:00 / 03:49
Descorazonado by TropiLounge
00:00 / 03:40
Maracaná by Daniel Indart
00:00 / 03:16
Española Way by TropiLounge
00:00 / 03:05
Postal De Ayer by Mun2Rituales
00:00 / 05:01
Debería Ser Yo by Luna Rosa
00:00 / 03:42

An eclectic collection of Daniel's World Latin Fusion songs.

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"To my beautiful wife Tati and my girls Prisci and Daniella... I am grateful for having you in my life!

In the last 30 years, a rewarding musical journey has taken me to many alluring countries and cultures. These songs are a reflection of the gifts I have received from those travels numerous colors, textures, and feelings that have become a lasting part of me."  

Daniel Indart




All Vocals: Daniel Indart and Sara Traina

Additional Vocals: Ranjan Dutt on song “Nada Yo Temo”

and Marilina Mazzoni on song “Postal de Ayer”

and Niños de la Selva Amazonica de Peru on song “Uru”:

Percussion: Dantai Lopez, Daniel Indart

Guitars & Bass: Daniel Indart, Danny Osuna

Baby Bass: Manny Silvera (Cota Mil, Confia En Mi)

Keyboards: Daniel Indart, Danny Osuna

Drum Programming: Daniel Indart, Danny Osuna, Fernando Monroy Vera

Trumpets: Enzo Villaparedes.


The inspiration for this song is the Cota Mil, which is the name “caraqueños” (citizens of Caracas, Venezuela) have given to Boyaca Avenue. Cota Mil is not only one of the main traffic arteries on the east side of the beautiful city of Caracas, but also one of the most remarkable. Its prime location, surrounded by lush, deep green vegetation on the hills of the Cerro el Avila, offers stunning panoramic views of the city below, the city lights, and the stars above—all from the same setting. Caracas holds a special magic at night, especially when the soft rain falls. This song brings back all those sights, sounds, smells, and enchanting memories.


“Milonga” is a groove or genre I became very fond of at a very young age while listening, at home, to my mother’s favorite songs from Argentina. The Milonga’s haunting pulse is based on a 2/4 meter, and has its roots in the Habanera and the Afro-South-American Candombe. With a very syncopated beat, it’s believed that the Milonga is the pre-cursor of the Tango. In contrast to the serious, dramatic Tango, Milonga dancing is humorous and upbeat, and it never failed to put a smile on my face watching my mother dance to it. The fully orchestrated punctuations and sections in this track come from the original song previously composed and produced for the film, “Dance With Me,” and form the basis for this song. I added drum and percussion loops, synths, electric guitar, and synth bass to this mix.


I have been meditating since I was 20 years old, and somehow I felt compelled to write a song that could reflect some aspects of my experience with meditation. I start this song with binaural beats that are panned hard left and right. These binaural beats cause our brainwave frequencies to fall in step with a state of relaxation, and are enjoyed best and to their full effect listened to on headphones. To intensify the groove, overdubbed Brazilian Timbalada drums, with a samba reggae groove on top, give the track energy and an extra layer of rhythmic complexity. The subject of the lyrics reflects my relationship with meditation and what it brings to my life.

4. URU

This song is born out of my passion for the works of the fascinating bands Enigma and Deep Forest. I incorporated samples of kids from a school in the forests of Peru that were playing and singing in the Quechua or Aymara language and mixed them with interesting drum and percussion loops, as well as bright synths and mandolins, to suggest a mysterious world environment.

5. CONFIA EN MI (Trust Me)

I composed this song for the opening titles of the film Trust Me (Directed by Robert Houston, 1989). The song is based on a sensual cha-cha groove, open guitar arpeggios, and keyboard chords. A rich sounding trumpet leads the melodic introduction and solos while the lyrics relate the story of the film: an art dealer murders one of his artists in the hopes of increasing the market value of his work.


My mother loved the Tango, was a great professional Tango dancer, and used to constantly sing Tango classics at home. Tango is in my blood and forms significant part of my own culture. It played a big part in my development as a musician, and remains a great influence in my music. In this track I fuse Tango elements, like bandoneón, violin, and acoustic piano with drum and percussion loops, synth sounds, and vocals.


The memories of countless wondrous summers are indelibly printed on my mind. The sounds of the sea come back to me in a song, with seagulls singing overhead and the rhythmic pulse of waves caressing the shore. They marry with the sights of white foam, golden sand, and gems of sunlight sparkling on blue-green waters. They join with the feel of warm, powder-like sand on my toes, the scent of sultry salt air, and a lover’s gentle touch. I close my eyes, listen to the song, and I’m there once more.


Heartbroken. A breach of trust ends in a soulful wave of guitars, synth sounds and percussion. There is no other sound that brings the feeling of connection with the soul than the sound of a single nylon Spanish guitar. My favorite instrument.


When I was nine, my family moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for a year. We arrived in December, and across from our house the samba school would rehearse its infectious rhythms every day in preparation for the “Carnaval” to take place in February. Food, soccer, and Brazilian culture, but especially the music, provided the influence, like a spark of lightening, for my deep interest in and love of music. This track is a celebration and dedication to the pulsing throngs that filled Maracaná Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.


Española Way is a very small street in the heart of the Art Deco District in South Beach, Florida. A street with a unique vibe, fantastic music constantly streaming out of storefronts and restaurants, romantic couples strolling while holding hands, an atmosphere with a real sybaritic feel. The lyrics talk about having met someone at this enchanting place one night, never to see him or her again, but never to forget each other.


Tango electrónico. Mysterious, sensual, dramatic! Reminiscing about the unforgetable city of Buenos Aires. Crowded bustling streets, cafés filled with sophisticated guests savoring "medias lunas" and Brazilian "café con leche." Elegantly decorated storefronts keeping watch as cars circle the Plaza Francia at ridiculous speeds, past the lush green vegetation fed by the rich moist climate of beautiful, beautiful Buenos Aires.


A Bolero that brings back a flood of feelings—the heartbreak of discovering that you still love her after going away and discovering she has found someone new.  Originally conceived as a Bossa, we re-arranged it, changed the feel of the song to a more Alternative pop-bolero groove, and added electric guitars, and percussion loops. Ended up becoming one of my favorites of the album. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

1  Cota Mil (D. Indart) 04:06 Daniel Indart

2  Milongas Y Bandoneón (D. Indart, D. Osuna) 03:20 Mun2Rituales

3  Nada Yo Temo (Ohm Song) (D. Indart, S. Traina, D. Osuna ) 05:27 Daniel Indart feat. Luna Rosa and Ranjan Dutt

4  Uru (D. Indart, D. Osuna, S. Traina) 03:11 TropiLounge

5  Confía En Mi (D. Indart,S. Traina) 03:33 Daniel Indart

6  El Tango Se Baila Así (J.L. Motta, D. Indart, D. Osuna, S. Traina) 04:34 Mun2Rituales

7  Eres Mi Verano (D. Indart, S.Traina) 03:49 Daniel Indart feat. Luna Rosa

8  Descorazonado (D. Indart, S. Traina, D. Osuna) 03:39 TropiLounge

9  Maracaná (D. Indart) 03:16 Daniel Indart

10  Española Way (D. Indart, S. Traina, D. Osuna) 03:05 TropiLounge

11  PostalDeAyer(P.Motta,D.Indart,S.Traina) 05:01


12 Debería Ser Yo (D. Indart, M. Caceres, S. Traina, J. Glaser) 03:42 Luna Rosa

Produced by Daniel Indart Executive Producer: Sara Traina Engineered and mixed by Daniel Indart and Fernando Monroy Vera Indart Studios, Tarzana, California Cover Art by Aristides Hernandez “Ares”. Graphics: Hector Cortez.

P&C 2015 LMS Records. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a Violation of applicable laws.


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