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Madre Mia
00:00 / 02:57
Tikipaya Golden
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Huerfano Llogalla
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Mi Hijo
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Valle De Los Muertos
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LA GRAN LLAJTA is a Bolivian Rap - Hip Hop band whose message is street and social conscience, and rebellious.

The name La Gran Llajta is described by the band as a musical language of a society in the midst of a humanitarian and ideological revolution. 

La Gran Llajta is synonymous with Bolivia or immigrant, without caring where they are from, country, neighborhood or religion.

Llajta is a word in the language Quechua, that means “great country”. 

It expresses feelings of anguish in dark times, feelings of happiness in holidays, it represents the word of the country and communicates in all areas, except political, of the continent.

Their goal is to reach the outer corners of each country and especially the ears of the people who need a message of hope and joy in bad times.

La Gran Llajta founder, Oscar Rivadeneira was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia but lived with his mother in Los Angeles, California for a few years, where he started making music at 15 years of age with a fellow musician from the San Gabriel Valley. Situations came about where he found himself back in Bolivia after almost 15 years, where he quickly started recording and founded Llajta Records and the Group La Gran Llajta which would be a pioneer in the recording and managing of local groups.

The band’s music was recently featured in the series The Stranger (Fox).

All songs written by Oscar Rivadeneira

La Gran Llajta Members Oscar Rivadeneira, Brian Paredes, Pedro Valdez and Limbert Ururi

Produced by La Gran Llajta

Produced by Daniel Indart

Executive Producer: Sara Traina

Engineered, mixed and mastered by La Gran Llajta, La Paz, Bolivia

Photos courtesy of La Gran Llajta

Graphic Design: Hector Cortez

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℗ & © 2022 LMS Records. All rights reserved

Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws

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