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Hispanic Heritage Month

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A Bailar Son Montuno by Bobby Rivas
00:00 / 04:21
Del Mismo Río by Nación Ekeko
00:00 / 05:09
Eres El Ají - Mariana Manchego
00:00 / 02:49
Fiesta - Mariachi La Estrella
00:00 / 01:04
Hijo De La Tormenta - Redwine
00:00 / 03:14
Muchas Botellas - J Star
00:00 / 03:42
Ola Sideral - Raul Andres
00:00 / 02:40
Postal De Ayer - Mun2Rituales
00:00 / 05:01
Pra Que Deixar Pra Depois - Barrt Feat. Pedro Pinheiro
00:00 / 02:57
Trigueña Ardiente - Ramon Velarde
00:00 / 02:45
Yari - Pedro De L
00:00 / 02:46
Zangana - Stephen Giraldo
00:00 / 04:30


Latin Music Specialists (LMS) is happy and proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and to acknowledge the countless contributions and influences of the American Latino/a/e community that have enriched our nation. 

Perhaps nothing characterizes that tradition more than cultural diversity, and music expresses that richness as vividly as any art form. It emerges from a broad swath of our human experience and connections. 

It moves out of Africa to Europe and on to the Americas, collecting and combining rhythms, sounds, and voices to form a massive river of musical treasures. 

LMS provides the full range of that tradition for the entertainment and advertising industries through its extensive catalog of Latin music. 

1 A Bailar Son Montuno by Bobby Rivas

2 Del Mismo Río by Nación Ekeko

3 Eres El Ají by Mariana Manchego

4 Fiesta by Mariachi La Estrella

5 Hijo De La Tormenta by Redwine

6 Muchas Botellas by J Star

7 Ola Sideral by Raul Andres

8 Postal De Ayer by Mun2Rituales

9 Pra Que Deixar Pra Depois by Barrt Feat. Pedro Pinheiro

10 Trigueña Ardiente by Ramon Velarde

11 Yari by Pedro De L

12 Zangana by Stephen Giraldo

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This is just a small sample of what we have. 

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