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Latin Metal

Cuban-Voices-CD Baby_Cover.jpg
Agresor Caido by Black Stone Wolves
00:00 / 03:37
Ladron Con Traje Y Corbata by Mr. DIG
00:00 / 02:52
Condena Eterna by Mr. DIG
00:00 / 02:51
De Las Ruinas by Black Stone Wolves
00:00 / 04:05
Controlando El Universo - Roque Calaca
00:00 / 02:58
Dracula - Ramon Velarde
00:00 / 03:26
Duena De La Noche - Santa Muerte
00:00 / 00:30
El Vacio - Black Stone Wolves
00:00 / 04:13

Dig into the Heavy Metal side of Latin music

In a world full of stereotypes, Latinos listen to nothing other than tropical rhythms with heavy percussion. 

But, the reality is that heavy metal is one of the biggest genres of music across Latin America.

One of the best ways to learn about politics and history in Latin America is through heavy metal music, of course.

Heavy metal music is socially embedded in Latin American countries and the lyrics correlate to the history and the social context of each nation.

Heavy metal began in the late 60s, early 70s in Great Britain, in part as a reaction to economic crisis that was gripping the country at the time. Many young people were unemployed and angry, and looking for a place to express themselves. They created a sound even more rebellious than plain old rock and roll.

That sound spread throughout Europe, to the United States, and to Latin America—a region where many had their own reasons to be angry at the world. Metal bands sprung up around Latin America in the late 70s and early 80s with their own sound and their own things to say.

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