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12 songs to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Click on the image to listen to Playlist

Latin Music Specialists (LMS) is happy and proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and to acknowledge the countless contributions and influences of the American Latino/a/e community that have enriched our nation.

Perhaps nothing characterizes that tradition more than cultural diversity, and music expresses that richness as vividly as any art form. It emerges from a broad swath of our human experience and connections. It moves out of Africa to Europe and on to the Americas, collecting and combining rhythms, sounds, and voices to form a massive river of musical treasures.

LMS provides the full range of that tradition for the entertainment and advertising industries through its extensive catalog of Latin music.

Click on the image above to hear a small but representative sample of that joyful diversity.

One Stop licensing 100% cleared Master and Publishing Rights

Our extensive catalog of thousands of songs from new and independent Latin artists from all over the Latin music world is instantly available for licensing. Latin Music Specialists / LMS Records is the number one solution for Film, TV, Advertising, Web, and content producers looking for high quality original Latin music. We are experts in Latin music and culture, and deliver a wide-range of authentic Latin music genres, exceptional service, unparalleled quality, and outstanding production values. Our mission includes the drive to continually discover, develop, produce, distribute, and promote new and exciting Latin artists. For licensing please contact us at: or 818-774-1441.

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