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The full extent of Latin Music’s diversity is still under the U.S. cultural radar

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The unquestionable influence of Latin music has filtered in and out of the North American cultural experience for generations. At times, it has surged to the forefront with dance crazes featuring rhumba, tango, mambo, cha cha cha, and salsa rhythms. Still, underneath those fads, lies an undiscovered, or perhaps better said, an unrealized depth of musical richness Americans have not yet fully enjoyed. This musical wealth is understandable when one takes into account the many centuries of cross-cultural contributions from European, African, and Native American sources.

Along with the sporadic emergence of Latin music into the mainstream, an accompanying consciousness of Latino lifestyles has permeated the American psyche, sometimes accurately but often in stereotypic terms. All too often, Latin music has accompanied thin characterizations of Latino cultures, masking it’s true universal appeal. Lately, a more accurate picture of the nation’s largest minority has emerged, but still not telling the full story.

What does this mean to those considering its usefulness and appeal in a variety of media productions? Especially when contemporized or fused with other popular forms such as hip hop, Latin music’s range becomes even more appealing, not only to Latinos but to general audiences as well. The natural diversity of the genre, and its countless sub-genres, provides endless opportunities to enhance dramatic situations with fresh colors, textures, and moods.

Unlike other Latin Music catalogs that focus on one genre, style, or even country, Latin Music Specialists - LMSRecords, includes in his roster artists and music from the entire Latin music spectrum, but with a clear dedication to the authenticity of each piece of that vast musical menu.

From Salsa to Colombian Cumbia, from Flamenco, to Argentinean Tango, from Samba to Mariachi and Norteño, from Latin Hip-Hop Rap to Latin Rock, LMS Records Catalog contains the most variety and quantity of all latin music catalogs in the world.

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