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Mariachi: Perhaps Mexico’s Most Recognizable Music

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Click here to listen to the Latin Music Specialists Featured Playlist: Mariachi Mariachi was born hundreds of years ago in the heartland of Mexico. Countless instrumental and vocal blendings have created today’s iconic sound, one characterized by its rousing strings, trumpets, and operatic vocal style.

For generations, the Mariachi has played an important role in the celebrations and special events of the Mexican people. Baptisms, weddings, holidays, funerals, saints days, and birthdays would not be complete without the band lifting and enhancing the festivities.

In the days when young lovers were kept at an appropriate distance, the serenata (serenade) was a way for a young man to tell the girl he was courting of his love and intentions. It was common for a neighborhood to be awakened by the romantic and traditional sounds of Las Mañanitas in the early morning.

Mariachis have played a long starring role in Mexican cinema, and have also been used as source, score, and original music in American films like Coco, El Mariachi, The Good Fight, and Mayans M.C.


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